Putnam County Fairgrounds Putnam County TN

Putnam County Fairgrounds


Putnam County Fair Association

P.O. Box 1001
Cookeville, TN 38503

Fairgrounds located at : 155 Fairground Lane 

Phone: 931-252-2755 (during the fair 931-528-9316)

E-mail: info@putnamcountyfair.org

Website: www.putnamcountyfair.org


President- John Allen
Vice-President – David Hunter
Secretary - Jane Sadler
Treasurer - Barbara White

Standing Committee Co-Chairs
Events – David Hunter and Patsy Farris
Operations – Tephany Randolph and Jane Sadler
Sponsorship – Wes Roberson and Brenda Gentry
Marketing and Public Relations – Sally Askew and Melanie Bussell


David Hunter
Wes Roberson
Patsy Farris
Jane Sadler
Barbara White
Carl Bilbrey
Brenda Gentry
Patsy Farris
Jerry Swift
Gina Hooper
John Ludwig
Roger Dereske
Melanie Bussell
Myra Walker
Sally Askew
Madison Hill
Matt Gaw
Tephany Randolph
John Edgington
John Allen

Accountant:  Patti Clark, Cannon, Clark, Holman & Associates
Fair Office Operations:  Pam Thomas