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New Advanced Notification Emergency Alert Opt-In

Emergency Alert System now has advanced information group for area weather events

The Putnam County Emergency Management Agency and Putnam County 911 have added a new notification group for receiving emergency information before a potentially significant weather event.

The Weather Detailed Information list, available in the Emergency Alert System profile settings, will send notifications hours or even days ahead of predicted severe weather, significant Winter weather, and other weather-related events that are forecast by the National Weather Service.

Local emergency officials will use NWS forecasts and products to notify citizens of impactful weather events in plenty of time to prepare. 

EMA Director Tyler Smith explained the importance of the new opt-in category, "We know a lot of people in our community follow the weather, and we know sometimes days ahead of time that certain weather is expected. This list will let them get advanced notice of severe storms or Winter weather in plenty of time to prepare and start watching the trends."

To sign up for emergency alerts or learn more about Putnam County's system, visit Putnam County Emergency Alert System


To login and update your list settings,

1) visit and sign in

2) Choose Alert to edit your alert settings

3) Check the boxes that apply to the alerts you want to receive