County Offical Info
John Sanders
John Sanders
Register of Deeds
300 E Spring St
Room 3
Cookeville, TN 38501
(931) 526-7101
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

The Register of Deeds office handles the recording of Land Deeds.

Information you can acquire from this department includes:

Recording Fees

Real Estate Transfers

Document Dates

Mortgage Information including loan amounts, lenders, Assignments, and Releases

Subdivision Plats & Restrictions

Durable Power of Attorney

Liens including Judgements, Materialman's Liens, State Tax Liens, and Federal Tax Liens

The Putnam County Register of Deeds office is located in the Putnam County Courthouse in room #3.

Recording/Filing Fees

***Feel free to call the office if you need help figuring filing fees. We would be happy to help.****

**All electronically filed (E-file) documents will have an additional $2.00 recording fee as of July 1st, 2023.**

*Warranty Deed------ $3.70 per thousand, $5.00 per page, 2 page minimum, $1.00 clerk fee, $2.00 EDP fee

*Trust Deed-------$1.15 per thousand, deduct the first $2,000.00, $5.00 per page, 2 page minimum, $1.00 clerk fee, $2.00 EDP fee

*Modifications are charged the same as a Trust Deed but do not deduct the first $2,000.00.

*Releases------$10.00, plus $2.00 EDP fee. If more than one reference, each reference is additional $5.00

**All other documents are $5.00 per page, 2 page minimum, $5.00 for each additional page, plus $2.00 EDP fee.**


*Fixture Filing----$13.00 plus $2.00 EDP fee. Each addition name is $15.00.

*Discharge or DD214------ Free

  • How do I obtain a copy of a document that is recorded in the Register's Office?  All of our documents are public record except the DD-214's. Anyone can request a copy of a document recorded in our office by making the request in person, by phone, by mail, or by email.
  • Can I obtain a copy of someone else's deed or mortgage? Yes, all documents in our office are public record except the DD-214's.
  • I paid off my mortgage, how do I know if it is released? Once you pay off your mortgage, the financial institution will send the release to our office for recording. You can obtain a copy of the release anytime after it is recorded in our office.
  • I want to change my deed by adding someone's name to it or taking someone's name off, how can I do that?  In order to change your deed, you will need to have a new deed made by an attorney or title agency.
  • Can I make my own deed? Yes, a property owner can make their own deed. However, we do not recommend it. We cannot offer assistance in making a new deed in the Register's Office.
  • What year was my house built? The tax card for your property shows when your house was built. We can look that information up for you or you can contact the Assessor's Office for that information.
  • Can I do my own research for a piece of property? The public can do their own research on a piece of property by coming into our office in person. A person may also research online by subscribing to US Title Search (the link for this website can be found in the Helpful Links tab), however there is a monthly fee for the service.
  •  How far back can I research a piece of property? Our records date back to 1854.
Document Requirements

In order to record a document in the Register's Office, please make sure the document includes the following:

  1. Must be the original or a certified copy
  2. A statement that indicates who prepared the document
  3. Grantor & Grantee must be listed on the document
  4. Date the document was signed must be listed
  5. Deeds must include an Oath of Consideration
  6. Deeds of Trust (mortgages) must list the maximum principal indebtedness
  7. A notary statement & notary seal must be present