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Freddie Nelson
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The Trustee acts as the county's banker and also collects county taxes. The Trustee deposits collected taxes into secure investments until they are distributed to all county offices for their budgets as set by the county commission. The Trustee's Office is responsible for managing over $211 million per year for all county finances.

The Trustee's Office has no control of the amount of property taxes owed. The taxes are figured based on the assessment of property that is provided by the Assessor's Office and the tax rate set by the County Commission.

Tax notices are mailed to the property owners in October. Tax notices are mailed to the owner as of January 1 of the current year. If you have purchased property during the year and do not receive a notice, please contact the Trustee's Office. The tax notices are not required to be mailed by law, but they are mailed as a courtesy. If you own property, taxes are due whether or not you receive a notice.

Taxes are due and payable October thru February without interest.

Payment Options

Property Taxes (real & personal) are due and payable from the first Monday in October through the last day of February each year without Interest.  March 1st interest begins to accrue at a rate of 1.5% per month. Interest increases on the 1st of each month by 1.5%.

Delinquent Taxes are held in the Trustee's Office until the following March 31st, when they are turned over to Chancery Court, in accordance with state law.

Property Tax Payment Options:

  • Tax payments can be made at the office Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
  • We accept cash, check, cashier check, or money order. (Please bring your tax notice with you)
  • Tax payments may be placed in the night drop box located on the Broad Street side of the Old Courthouse to the left of the main door. Envelopes are provided. Please do not put cash in drop box.

Tax Payments can be made online:


  • Payments made using a debit or credit will have a 2.75% fee.
  • Payments made using eCheck will have a $2.75 fee.
  • Putnam County does NOT receive any of the fees.                                                                                                 

Tax payments can be mailed to our office at:
Putnam County Trustee
300 East Spring Street Room 2
Cookeville, TN  38501

(Please write your receipt number on your check.)

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive a paid receipt.

Tax payments can be made with your tax notice at:

  • One Bank in Baxter
  • Putnam 1st Mercantile in Baxter
  • One Bank in Monterey
  • First Volunteer Bank in Monterey

Tax Relief can NOT be paid at any bank.

If you own multiple parcels of property, please make sure that you receive a notice for each one. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to account for all properties for which they are responsible for payment of property taxes.

The Trustee is not responsible for setting the tax rate and is not responsible for property appraisals/ assessments for tax purposes. The Trustee only collects property tax payments.

State law provides for property tax relief to: Elderly or Disabled Homeowners and disabled Veteran Homeowners. All Tax relief recipients must pay in the office or by mail.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief for Elderly and/or Disabled Homeowners

  • Will you be 65 or older on or before December 31 of the tax year, or have you been rated totally and permanently disabled by Social Security Administration or other qualified agency on or before December 31 of the tax year?
  • Is your combined annual income for you, your spouse and all other owners of the property less than the $33,460?

If you answered yes to both questions you may qualify for Tax Relief.

Tax Relief for Disabled Veteran & Widow(er) of a Disabled Veteran

Do you or did your spouse have a disability as a Veteran in one of the following categories?

  • A service-connected disability that resulted in:
    • Paraplegia: OR
    • Permanent paralysis of both legs and lower part of the body resulting from traumatic injury or disease to the spinal cord or brain; OR
    • Loss, or loss of use of, two (2) or more limbs; OR
    • Legal blindness
  • A total and permanent disability rating from a service connected disability.
  • A 100% total and permanent disability rating from being a prisoner of war.

If you answered yes to any category you may qualify for Tax Relief.

Property Tax Relief shall also be extended to the surviving spouse of a Disabled Veteran who at the time of the disabled veteran's death was eligible for disabled veteran's property tax relief by meeting one of the above categories.

  • Must provide a copy of spouse's death certificate.
  • A surviving spouse must have been married to the veteran at the time of death and may not have been remarried in order to be eligible.

** Determination of eligibility will be based on information provided by the VA through use of a consent form ( F-16 or F-16S) available at the Putnam County Trustee's Office.

You may contact the VA office at 1-800-827-1000.

What are the income guidelines?

Elderly and disabled applicants must report all income from the prior year of all property owners,  not to exceed the current year's limit. Annual income from all sources includes, but is not limited to: Social Security (after Medicare is deducted), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Retirements or Pension Benefits, Veterans' Administration benefits, Worker's Compensation, Unemployment compensation, Salaries or Wages, Alimony, Total interest and total dividends. Applicant must include income for spouse regardless of ownership.

What documents will I need?

  • Proof of income for elderly or disabled.
  • Proof of age for both elderly and disabled homeowners.
  • All property owners must provide some form of ID- Driver License, Medicare Card & Social Security Card are required.
  • Proof of disability for disabled homeowners: This may be a current letter from a governmental or private entity that does not participate in the Social Security System.
  • All property owners and their spouses must sign the application.
  • Title or Bill of Sale if you are applying for Tax Relief on a mobile home.

Frequently asked Tax Relief questions:

When can I apply?

  • You can apply when property taxes become due in October of each year.

Where can I apply?

  • You can apply at the Putnam County Trustee's Office or at the City of Algood, Baxter, Cookeville or Monterey, if you reside in the city limits.

Are the tax relief recipients exempt from paying property taxes?

  • NO. Tax Relief is payment by the State of Tennessee to reimburse certain homeowners who meet legal requirements, for a part or all of their property taxes paid, and is not an exemption.

How much Tax Relief will I get?

  • The amount is set by October of each year by the State of Tennessee.

What if my taxes are paid by my mortgage company?

  • Your application will be held by the Trustee's Office until payment is received from your mortgage company. The application is then sent to the State Tax Relief Office for Examination. If approved, you will receive a refund for the relief amount.

When is the deadline for applying?

  • You must apply within 35 days of the February deadline.

Can I receive relief on more than one property?

  • NO. You can only receive tax relief on your primary residence.

You can find additional information at:

Partial Payments

The Putnam County Trustee does allow property owners to make partial payments on their property taxes.

  • You must sign a written agreement before making partial payments.
  • You may make up to 5 partial payments.
  • The 5th payment must pay the taxes in full.
  • Any balance remaining after the February deadline will accrue interest.
  • Any balance remaining March 31st of the following tax year will be sent to Chancery Court, in accordance with State Law.
New Property Owners

For those who have purchased property during the tax year:

The listed property owner as of January 1st of the current tax year is whose name the taxes will be listed in for the entire tax year.

Taxes are typically prorated at closing.

If you have any questions as to who is responsible for paying the property tax, please contact your real estate agent and/or closing company used for your property transaction.

The Trustee's Office is not responsible for prorating taxes between buyers and sellers.

If you have any questions regarding the status of taxes owed on a property, please contact the Putnam County Trustee's Office 931-526-8845.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions concerning Tax Relief are listed under the tax relief section.

When are my taxes due?

  • Real and Personal Property taxes are due and payable October- February without interest.

What does etux mean on my tax notice?

  • "Etux" is a Latin phrase meaning "and wife". The phrase "Etvir" means "and husband", "Etal" means "and others".

Does my mortgage company get a copy of my tax notice mailed to them?

  • Our office supplies tax information to mortgage companies upon their request. If a mortgage company is servicing your loan, contact them to verify that they have requested your tax information.

What is the Putnam County tax rate?

  • The 2022 county tax rate is $2.472 @ $100.00 (2.472%) assessed value.

Who sets the county tax rate and when?

  • The Putnam County Commission sets the tax rate, it is usually set in July.

Does the Putnam County Trustee's Office collect city taxes?

  • Our office only collects county taxes, and does NOT collect city taxes.

What if I don't receive my tax notice?

  • Tennessee law does not require the mailing of tax notices indicating the amount of taxes due. Property owners are presumed to know that taxes are due without personal notification. Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve the responsibility of payment; and is not a reason for interest charges to be waved if the taxes become delinquent.

How do I change my mailing address?

  • To change your mailing address or if you have question about your appraisal/assessment please contact the Property Assessors Office.

What time period do my annual taxes cover?

  • The taxes that become payable in October cover the current calendar year.